1. Attire.  Any member and/or guest planning to enter the water must be wearing a conservative swimsuit (cutoffs, shorts and thongs are not acceptable).
  2. Registration.  All members and their guests are required to register before entering the pool area. Members must accompany their guests to the pool.  Any member failing to sign a pool fee ticket for his guest will automatically be charged.  Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal guest rates will be set by May 1st by the Board of Directors.
  3. Clubhouse access.  Those in bathing attire are not permitted in the clubhouse except when using the pool locker rooms.  All members and their guests must wear knee length cover-ups and footwear when entering or leaving other areas of the clubhouse.
  4. Lost & found.  The Club is not responsible for valuables.  A lost & found container is provided at the pool.
  5. Toys.  No items other than swimming toys and aids will be allowed in the pool.
  6. Glass and coolers.  No glass objects or coolers are allowed in the pool area nor on the patio.
  7. Groups.  Groups of more than nine (9) people requiring food & beverage service must make arrangements with the Club before requesting food service or using the pool.
  8. Diving boards
  1. Only one person is allowed on the board at a time.
  2. Diving boards should be mounted only by ladder or step.
  3. Divers must wait for the previous diver to clear the diving area.
  4. Divers are allowed one bounce on the board only.
  5. Hanging on the board is not allowed.
  6. Diver must jump or dive straight off the board.
  7. Flotation devices are not allowed in the diving area.
  8. The 10 meter tower is not to be used by Pinetree members or guests.
  1. Hourly break.  Each hour there will be a ten-minute break during which adults may use the pool.  Parents in the water with their own children under the age of six (6) (in a one-on-one situation) may use this time for the purpose of aquatic education.  The lifeguards will not be on the stands during this time; therefore it is a "swim at your own risk" period.  This break will not occur during the last hour before closing time.
  2. Towels.  Members should bring their own towels.  Locker room towels should not be used in the pool area.
  3. Radios.  Please respect the rights of other members by keeping radios at a reasonable level. Blaring radios will not be allowed.


  1. Infection.  No person shall enter the water who is suffering from any infections or contagious disorders.
  2. Horseplay.  No running or pushing on the pool deck.
  3. Tag.  Tag games must be restricted to the water only.
  4. Age.  No child under ten (10) (eighteen (18) if there is no lifeguard) years of age will be permitted in the pool unless accompanied by an adult who should be near the pool though not necessarily swimming.
  5. Balls, squirt guns.  Ball throwing and squirt guns in the pool are strictly forbidden.
  6. Penalty.  The penalty for violation of any of these rules can result in suspension from the pool and other penalties as provided.
  7. Lifeguards.  The lifeguards have full power and authority to enforce all rules and their orders must be obeyed.  Any question or criticism of their conduct should be made according to #16, General Rules, to the Pool Manager or General Manager.
  8. Guests.  The swimming pool is reserved for the use of members, their families and guests.  Grandchildren are not considered immediate family and will be charged a guest fee.  Any member who knows of a non-member using the pool will be doing the Club, themselves and Club membership a favor by reporting the person to management.  Member cooperation is needed to maintain the pools exclusively for Club members and their families.
  9. Food & beverage.  All food and beverage must be purchased through the Club.  No food and beverage is allowed in the pool.  Food and beverage purchased from the Club may be taken to the adjacent tennis area.